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Overseas Group Is An Expert Dynamic Company

With years of experience assisting scammed victims of ‘so called’ timeshare, resale, holiday clubs and cash back companies.

Our team of advisers, researchers and contracted lawyers have been fighting against timeshare related scam companies; the experience gained during these years has made us stronger and more expert in this field.

We have applied all these experiences to be able to put all our clients in the right hands to claim any monies fraudulently taken by the companies that we and our associates have investigated over the years.

Hundreds of victims have already trusted our services, and regained their money, benefiting from the new financial scam powers granted to us by the E.U.

Overseas Group also;

Has been very successful with helping people to claim there; ppi, mis-sold; mortgages, loans, car finance, etc…

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Newsletter to all clients and visitors to our website:

It has come to our attention that consumers are being advised by certain Web blogs and Timeshare forums who are pretending to be Spanish and/or UK consumer associations and advising to “beware of scam companies” . People are being urged to never pay any money up front to any timeshare related company because of “European Consumer Laws” and" any legitimate company will only charge a fee upon completion". To some extent that is correct, all resale and exchange companies and companies selling long-term holiday products have to follow the European Timeshare Directive Legislations. Consumers are also being encouraged to use false identities when writing a comment on these blogs or forums.

Also it has come to our attention that these blogs and forums are advising people to ask for refunds directly through their credit card suppliers, without first contacting the timeshare company who they’re claiming from, to see if they’re willing to refund the money. Consumers are being advised to AVOID any conversation with the timeshare companies and to effectively tell lies to the credit card suppliers, claiming that they didn`t receive their goods or the goods where faulty etc and their request for a refund had been ignored or denied. When in reality they’d contracted services and made no contact with the timeshare company to request a refund.

Also it has come to our attention that these blogs and forums have repeatedly mentioned “no address or company details on display on the website” with comments like ‘what more do they have to hide?’ Which is strange because, on their own sites it says that ‘these details [address etc] are available upon request ‘, instead of being on display for the public.

It really is a shame that forums and blogs such as these, who are potentially an invaluable source of reference for consumers, can’t be more honest, objective and unbiased.

So, to avoid further confusion

Overseas Group does not trade with timeshare and our services are not related to the timeshare directive. We are a mediators specialising in helping and guiding people to recover lost monies or to dispose of their timeshare related products without having to buy into another scheme. Therefore, it is neither forbidden nor illegal for Overseas Group to ask for money upfront to cover the costs incurred for our services. Also we would like to clarify that we are not affected by any regulation put in place for companies who claim p.p.i where it is forbidden to demand fees in advance. There are no laws that forbid Spanish based companies to ask U.K. citizens for service fees in advance.

Established in 2011, Overseas Group is a legitimate, registered, limited company with head office in Spain and a call centre in the U.K.

Our objective: The simple intermediation on behalf of our clients in the following areas; the provision of legal, administrative, economic, financial and accounting services, in all its scope, to successfully complete the collection of compensation to third parties and in management.

We at Overseas Group always respect the rights of all of our clients and make every effort to resolve all requested claims for our clients in a professional and timely manner. We do not set out to mislead our clients, Overseas Group is a team of dedicated professionals and we value our reputation.

I hope this article has resolved any issues or confusion for our clients with regard to the aforementioned Web blogs and forums.

Kind regards

Director of Overseas Group

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